Tuition-Free Business and Computer Classes at John Adams Campus

Although the Fall 2011 Semester has started, the John Adams campus still has tuition-free classes open that start late in the semester. Whether it is to upgrade your computer skills, improve job competitiveness, learn, or just for fun, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn. The great part about taking these classes is that students can earn certificates that look great on resumes.

Interested in taking these classes? For questions, call Margaret Choy at (415) 561-1806 or e-mail her at To enroll, call Student Services at (415) 561-1925 or visit the John Adams Campus, Room 142.

With open enrollment, it’s not too late to enroll in these late start classes. Some classes start September 19 and 23, October 19, November 21, and December 1.

For more information on class offerings and contact information. Download the flyer by clicking on the following link: Tuition-Free Business and Computer Courses Flyer or click on the link to see a complete listings with starting dates:


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