Parking Dilemma at John Adams Campus

Parking here at the John Adams Campus is limited not only for students, but faculty also. The student parking lot is located on the corner of Masonic and Hayes and is limited to 35 parking spots before 4PM. If you have an 8AM class here at John Adams, it fills up at 7:00 to 7:15AM. Note that before 4PM, students can only park in the center parking spots of the Hayes/Masonic parking lot. The parking spots around the perimeter of the parking lot is for faculty only until 4PM.


Download a copy of the John Adams Student Parking Lot map and legend here: CCSF John Adams Student Parking Lot Map (Fall 2011)

Avoid a parking ticket or avoid  finding you car towed by:

  • Picking up or viewing a Parking Lot map outside the CCSF Police Department Office, Room 59 in the basement.
  • Parking in student parking designed spots during the designated periods.
  • Not parking in the faculty only parking lot on Grove St or faculty designated spots in the Hayes & Masonic parking lot.
  • If you park around the school, be sure not to exceed the designated parking limit (the signs on the street should let you know if you can park for 20 minutes, 1 hour, or two hours).
  • Parking around the perimeter of the Panhandle is unlimited (not across the street), but you can still get a ticket if there is street cleaning. Check the signs for street cleaning.
  • Avoid all this hassle by taking public transit. Take MUNI bus 43 Masonic, 21 Hayes, and 5 Fulton to get to campus. You could either ride a bike or walk to campus also.

We would like to hear from you. If you have any suggestions to alleviating the parking hassle around the John Adams campus, leave a comment below.


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