City College Student IDs

Students roaming the John Adams Campus must be able to present a valid CCSF Student Identification Card (The Red and gray card labeled “RAM card”, not a California Issued Identification Card or Driver’s License) as proof of enrollment. Only City College students may roam the campus during normal operating hours here at John Adams.

Whether or not you are a credit or non-credit student studying here at City College, you must be issued a CCSF Student ID card and start memorizing your Student ID number. The Student ID number is a 9 character combination located underneath your photo which either starts with “W” or “@.” The Student ID number will be important for registering for classes using the online WEB4 system, which the entire college will be migrating completely to soon in order to initiate a paperless admissions and registration process.

If you have not gotten your CCSF Student ID card yet, you can visit Student Services here at John Adams in Room 142-143, from the hours of:

Monday to Thursdays: 8AM – 7PM

Fridays: 8AM -12noon

Incentives to get a CCSF Student ID:

  • Get 10% off your order at Amitis Cafe on the corner of Masonic and Hayes
  • Get 15% off your purchase at J. Crew at the Stonestown Galleria
  • Get student discounts at the movie theater at Stonestowns.
  • … plus many more.

The John Adams Student Council is working with various local business around John Adams to get City College student discounts at various businesses around the campus. Place a note in the Student Council suggestion box (outside Room 49) if you have a place you want to get a discount for.


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