Enrolled in the BOSS certificate program? Add JVS to the mix!

For those who have enrolled in the BOSS (Business Office Support Specialist) certificate program, JVS can help you in your job search so that you can put your new skills to work!

Working with JVS, you can:

  • Meet with JVS BOSS Educational and Employment Specialist once you enroll to help determine which skills you have and set goals for your job search.
  • Work closely with JVS BOSS Education and Employment Specialist for help with career counseling, job readiness services, support during challenges, and to share resources.
  • Attend workshops, strategy groups and labs to update your job search “toolkit,” practice interviewing skills, connect with other job seekers and professionals to expand your network, learn current strategies, brainstorm challenges and get direct feedback from peers and Employment Specialists.
  • Get job leads and, when possible, direct connections to employment opportunities
  • Interact with potential employers through mock interview sessions, the employer Spotlight Series and hiring events.
  • At least 90 days of support once you get placed to help you with work issues and to make the most of your job.

If you are interested in utilizing JVS services in your job search, contact Leah Olson, the BOSS Education and Employment Specialist by e-mail at: jolson@jvs.org or phone: 415-782-6316.

Enrollment into JVS is simple for City College students. Come down to Room 44 in the basement of the John Adams Campus and fill out a quick questionnaire. Speak with Margaret Choy for more information.

For additional details and information, download an informational packet in PDF form from the John Adams Business Department Blog:  JVS Information Packet


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