JAD Student Council President Alexander Corey Impeached, Jessica Saltos Elected as New President

During the October 20 Student Council meeting, the Student Council proposed the idea of impeaching the current Student Council President Alexander Corey stating the reason being that the President has not been fulfilling the duties of President. The Student Council Vice President, Elisa Gonzalez, stated that the President not only failed to attend the October 20 Student Council meeting, but several other meetings such as last month’s public Student Council meeting and several closed door meetings in between. The Student Council Secretary, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, added that the Student Council has attempted to contact the President, but with no avail.

Over the last several months, Vice President Elisa Gonzalez has been fulfilling the duties of the President. Secretary Alexandria Griffin-Heady has been assisting the Vice President. During the Student Council meeting, a motion was passed to extend the Student Council’s term to a full year in order to give the Student Council enough time to fulfill its goals and plans.

Students that attended the meeting agreed as the motion to impeach the President received a majority of yes and only one no. The President was officially impeached.

With the absence of a President, Vice President Elisa decided to hold the election as quickly as possible to fill the position. Several candidates were nominated to be candidates for the President: Jessica Saltos, Vice President Elisa Gonzalez, and Secretary Alexandria Griffin-Heady. Each candidate spoke before the election. Secret ballots were given out to the students attending the meeting and the students picked their president.

The results of the election were as follows:

Jessica Saltos – 11 votes (50%)

Elisa Gonzalez – 10 votes (45.5%)

Alexandria Griffin-Heady – 1 vote (4.5%)

Jessica Saltos won the election and as soon as she was elected President, she sat with the rest of the Student Council in front the Student Body as they conducted the rest of the meeting.


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