Major Campus Improvements Brought on by the John Adams Users Group

The John Adams Users Group has listened to complaints and issues from students, faculty, and other users of the John Adams Campus in the past few meetings. The John Adams User Group actually accomplished a lot of improvements and tasks this month.

Last week, the Buildings & Grounds installed an additional bike rack in the Hayes patio area located outside the cafeteria. Student requested additional bike racks in the vicinity due to convenience.

Students and faculty that attend John Adams in the evening reported that the front lights on the steps on Hayes Streetwere out. An electrician came out to fix the light fixture and the light is now working.

The benches outside the cafeteria were splintered and broken last month. Last week, the wooden planks on the benches have been replaced and painted a nice green color. Students now have additional seats to sit outside for lunch.

Many of the microwaves in the student cafeteria have been out of order, causing long lines for the use of the only one working in the cafeteria. The John Adams Users group bought the issue up in the Student Council meeting on November 17. The Student Council approved the purchase of five new microwave ovens for student use in the student cafeteria.

The garbage in the fenced out area in front of Hayes has been removed.

A lot of appreciation goes out to all the faculty, staff, and workers who helped to make this campus a better place. Thanks to all of you!

The next John Adams User group meeting is December 1 from 11Am to 12Noon in Room 139. Voice your concerns about the campus at the next meeting.


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