Unofficial Meeting and Events from the John Adams Associate Student Council Meeting on November 17

Associate Dean of Student Activities Samuel Santos made a brief appearance at the John Adams Student Council meeting appraising the hard work done by the Student Council in the last several months and for a large student turnout and great interest in the meeting. Santos emphasized the importance of having a Student Council to listen to student voices and represent the student’s needs.

The Student Council wanted to hold a Christmas Party at the end of the semester. The tentative date for the party will be December 14 from 4:45Pm to 9PM in the Auditorium on the third floor. Pre-sale of the tickets for the party will start the first week of December for $5 a ticket and $10 at the door. Proceeds from the event would go back to the Student Council fund. Ticket will be sold in Room 39 in the Student Council Office. It would entitle entrance to the party and food. The event is open-mic. The Student Council voted tat food and refreshments for the event would not exceed $1000. Ideas for the food being served at the party ranged from Chicken, salad, Chinese food, Italian food, and multi-ethnic food.

The next issue at the meeting was the impeachment of the Student Council Secretary. According to President Jessica Saltos and Vice President Elisa Gonzalez, the Secretary did not show up at any of the closed Student Council meetings after the open Student Council meeting last month including the open meeting this month. There was initial confusion in the first round of votes to impeach the Secretary. Some of the students believed that the Secretary had done a good job in the past. Vice President Elisa Gonzalez clarified that the Secretary had dropped out of school and no longer attended classes here at John Adams. Student understood and with the second round of elections, the vote was unanimous in impeaching the Secretary.

Elections for a new Secretary were next. The role of the Secretary is to take notes and keep records for the Student Council meetings and events. The right candidate for Secretary was already in the minds of most of the students as most of them picked Krystal. There was another nomination for Secretary but the student refused, therefore Krystal was unanimous picked as the new John Adams Associated Student Council Secretary.

Phil Magalong, representing the John Adams User Group, appealed to the Student Council to acquire five new microwaves for the student cafeteria in the basement. Phil stated that student have to wait in long lines during the lunch hours for the one only working microwave in the cafeteria. The Vice President stated that the budget was tight which caused students to think up ways to save money. Student brought up ideas such as buying microwaves from Craigslist, fundraising the money necessary to buy the items, and many more ideas. The Student Council settled on spending no more than $850 to purchase five microwaves, assuming that each microwave would cost $150 each.

The Student Council finally updated students on two pieces of old business started in the previous meetings. The Student Council worked with Dean Terry Hall in installing two television monitors at the campus to be used as a messaging system. At the last meeting, the Student Council raised the money for the project and the paperwork has already been submitted. Expect one television set in the student cafeteria and one in the library next semester. Finally, the price for the dry cleaning of graduation gowns was set not to exceed $250.


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