New and Improved WiFi and How to Setup

If you haven’t checked your City College e-mail account there is important news regarding a new WIFI system being put in place at all the City College campus. Here is the important regarding setting up your WiFi account with CCSF:

The CCSF Technology Division has recently upgraded the District’s Wireless Internet (“WiFi”) system! The new Wireless Internet Access (called “CCSF Wireless”) is available of December 1, 2012, and delivers faster connectivity, as well as greater capacity to accommodate a larger number of users and portable devices. The coverage areas will remain as they were with the original system (click Hotspots for a list of coverage areas), but users will experience faster connect times, a reduction in dropped connections and faster download times.

Because this upgraded WiFi system is completely new to CCSF, everyone will need to register. Even if you have previously signed up for WiFi at CCSF, you will need to register once again in order to access the new, upgraded system. But, the good news is that you only need to register one time for all of your devices (i.e., laptop, smartphone, etc.), and the wait time for your account to be created has been greatly reduced to just 4 hours!

The District’s old wireless system (called “CCSF WiFi”) will continue to be available only until June 30, 2012, so the Technology Division encourages all students, staff and faculty to register for the new wireless system as soon as possible. Although new users will not be accepted for the old system, anyone with access to it already will continue to have access until the above discontinuation date.

To sign up for CCSF Wireless, go to, and follow the easy, step-by-step instructions. Visit CCSF’s Technology Division’s website for more information about CCSF Wireless and other technology news and resources.



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