Unofficial Minutes of the John Adams Student Council Meeting – 12/8

The Student Council scheduled a time capsule ceremony on Friday, May 18. The time capsule is from 1911 when campus grounds were used to house Lowell High School. All items within the time capsule are from Lowell High School students who attended Lowell at the time. The time capsule was built into the building upon the building’s construction in the early 1900s.

Following the time capsule ceremony, there will be a 50th anniversary ceremony for the graduating class of 1962 on Saturday, May 19. The class of 1962 will be paying for this ceremony.

Per the Dean’s request, Student Council went ahead with the Dean’s idea to install televisions in  the cafeteria and on the first floor. The television will be streamlining updates and information to students.

Artists of the “Building of Dreams Project” (all students of this campus) need the support of the community here. They need students and the community to support their project of painting a mural on the Grove Street Wall. $35 buys five square feet and your name (the supporter) will go on a plaque for posterity.

On December 14, Student Council will be holding a Christmas Dance Party in the Auditorium here at John Adams. The party will be from 4:30 to 7:30PM Pre-sale tickets (Which covers entrance and food) sell for five dollars in Room 39. tickets at the door are 410. there will be a special guest DJ (TD Camp/Beat Me/Sean G) and performance by Mike Marshall, Bay Boy, Equipto, gas Mask, Sallassie, and many more.


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