Have you signed up for AlertU?

From the January 25, 2012 City Currents, Vol. 27, No. 25:

Have you signed up for “AlertU?” Do it today at: http://alertu.org/ccsf to receive emergency messages on your cell phone.

AlertU is CCSF’s emergency text warning system to mobile devices in the event of an earthquake, storm, traffic congestion, any crisis situation, or police activity in the area of a CCSF campus. And only about a thousand people have signed up out a community of over 100,000 students and employees.

Chief Andre Barnes would like everyone to sign up for this service because the cell phone system which we heavily rely on will be overloaded in an emergency. SMS (text) messages work better to get information in and out of congested areas. Sign-up takes about two minutes.

Chief Barnes says. “AlertU communicates ciritcal information in an extreme emergency that could be life-threatening. Sign up is voluntary, but to stay safe, all should register with the service.” The Chief said that the alert has been used once for a power outage since he came to CCSF in 2009.

The system send an alert by text message only and tells you what the emergency is and what you are to do. The emssage will come from the campus police or the Chancellor’s office.

The Chief emphasized that AlertU is not a stand-alone service in the event of an extreme emergency. In addition, classmates would be personally contacted by a staff member, which is what happened during the 9/11 sttack, and emails and sirens would also be used.

According to Tim Ryan, Technical Operations Manager, only 1,068 students, faculty, and staff have signed up for AlertU since its inception in April, 2008. This is less than one percent of the total college community who would be alerted quickly in an emergency. In this case, don’t be the 99%!

You are strongly urged to go to AlertU.org. Enter your mobile number and click on the Subscribe button, wait for text message from AlertU and reply with a “Y” to opt-in. You can also access the site from the CCSF home page. On the left-hand side, click on the Police Department. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the link on the last line on the right.


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