Nine Spring 2012 Non-Credit Business Courses Eliminated

Due to an unexpected four million dollar budget shortcut projected for the Spring 2012, deep cuts are being made to the number of courses offered by each department throughout this semester. Please do not enroll or sign up for classes that are cancelled. More cuts are expected later in the semester in order to makeup for the budget shortfall.



Crs #

Course Title




45819 BOSS 5509 Office Procedures for the 21st Century MW 10:30-1:00 1/18-3/19
45967 BOSS 5510 Document Formatting TR 8:00-10:30 Whole sem
45730 BOSS 5501 Keyboarding TR 8:00-10:30 Whole sem
46088 COMP 9913 Lab TR 8:00-10:30 Whole sem
45823 BOSS 5510 Document Formatting MW 10:30-1:00 Whole sem
45731 BOSS 5501 Keyboarding MW 10:30-1:00 Whole sem
45828 COMP 9913 Lab MW 10:30-1:00 Whole sem
45810 ACBO 9206 Basic Accounting Concepts I MWTR 10:30-1:00 1/17-3/20
44899 COMP 9900 Excel I TR 1:00-3:30 1/17-3/20

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