Unofficial Notes from the John Adams Student Council Meeting on February 16, 2012

This meeting marked the first Student Council meeting for the Spring semester. President Jessica Saltos and Secretary Krystal Saechin were the two only members of the Student Council members that attended the meeting.

The meeting began with the confirmation of the minutes from the last meeting in December and the agenda of the current meeting. First on the agenda was to increase the spending limit for the microwave purchase for the student cafeteria. The Student Council Advisor noted that the resolution was passed in December, but due to inflation, the original price set for the resolution was not enough to cover the rising cost of the microwave today.

The Student Council stated that the time capsule removal event had been cancelled. Lowell High School Class of 1967, the original sponsors of the event, decided to spend the funds for the event with the school, which has been struggling due to budget cuts. For those who do not know, John Adams used to be Lowell High School in the early 20th century. When the school was built, the students at the time left a time capsule within the building as it was built. The time capsule remains buried within the building for more than a century.

Moving along, the Student Council Advisor read out the job descriptions for Student Council President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Representative. There was discussion of what the role of the Student Council Advisor was and what was the procedure for lodging a complaint against the Advisor. The Advisor noted that if there were any issues about the Student Council Advisor or had felt the Advisor had not fulfilled his duty, the Student Body could lodge a complaint with Associate Dean Samuel Santos at the Ocean Campus or Dean Terry Hall of the John Adams Campus. The Student Council quickly responded stating the Advisor had fulfilled his duty and the discussion ended.

After reading the job descriptions for each of the Student Council positions, elections were held for the five key positions on Student Council. Here is the new John Adams Associated Student Council:

President – Krystal Saechin
Vice President – Jessica Saltos
Secretary – Sade Brooks
Treasurer – Kyle Sargent
Representative – John Koerschen

Samuel Santos, Associate Dean of Student Activities, updated the Student Body on the status of the television monitors that Dean Terry Hall had requested be installed in the student cafeteria, first floor, and in the library. Santos stated that he was able to find cheaper monitors to help save the campus some money, but Dean Terry Hall insisted on buying the monitors at full price, stating that the monitors he requested were needed specifically for the purpose of wiring and displaying messages. Ten thousand dollars has been set aside from the Student Council budget for this project and the project is coming along. Several students were not sure whether the monitors would be used in the classroom or what the purpose of the monitors were. The advisor stated that the monitors were to be used outside of the classroom and was for the sole purpose of displaying important messages.

A Representative from the LVN program requested $300 to cover the expense of graduation for the students of their program. The price was originally $200 to cover the cost of cleaning the caps and gowns, but after receiving advice from the Student Council Advisor, the LVN representative requested an additional $100 to cover the cost of decorations and additional costs of the graduation. The motion was passed.

DSPS Arts and Craft Instructor Carole Fitzgerald gave an update on the mural project on Grove Street her students were completing. Carole requested $700 or whatever amount the Student Council could spare for purchasing a protective coat on the finished mural. Carole clarified that several layers of the protective coat is needed on the finished mural to protect it from graffiti. The Student Body passed the motion to pay for the full cost of the protective coating.


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