Notes from the John Adams Campus Users Group Meeting – 3/20

The campus would like student input concerning student services here at John Adams. There will be a student survey conducted online in April asking students to rank the quality of the services and the state of the buildings & grounds here at John Adams. The purpose of the survey is to get your input on how to improve the quality of life and services offered here at John Adams.


John Adams Campus welcomes back Don Sandoval, who will serve as Danny Lim’s replacement as the John Adams Campus Police Officer. Officer Sandoval has worked for the Community College district for over twenty years. Officer Sandoval last worked at John Adams back in 1999 and has worked many years at the other campuses such as Mission, Ocean, Alemany, and Southeast. John Adams faculty and administrators held a farewell party for Officer Danny Lim and also thanked our wonderful custodial staff with cake & coffee in thanks for the hard work they have all done.


Officer Sandoval notified the John Adams Users Group of the typical crime that constantly plagues City College. The most common crime at all campus is the robbery of cell phones, iphones, ipads, and other technological gadgets. Officer Sandoval advises that all individuals should keep their gadgets and cell phones hidden from plain view at all times. Students and individuals should always be on the lookout for people watching them and around them.


Another common crime is the theft of backpacks and personal items in them. Students should never leave backpacks behind or leave them unattended. According to Officer Sandoval, it only takes three to five minutes for someone to sneak around your personal belongings and take them.


Finally, another crime on the rise is the theft of bicycles and bicycle parts on campus (such as bicycle seats, bicycle wheels, etc.). Officer Sandoval showed the attending members of John Adams User’s Group a $25 chain/rope bicycle lock that was cut with bolt cutters. Officer Sandoval advises students to invest in a $60+ Bicycle U-lock which is harder to cut and securing bicycle parts with bolts.


The issue concerning student parking in the Grove Streetfaculty parking was brought to the attention of the User’s Group meeting again. There were several issues in dealing with the problem. One issue was whether to charge students for a parking permit attached to the car window similar to the situation on the Ocean Campus, but a faculty member pointed out that parking has always been free at John Adams. Another issue was how to identify whether a vehicle belonged to a CCSF student or not. A faculty representative from the ESL department informed the Users Group that a similar was put in place several years ago, but the plan proven troublesome with faculty members parking in the evening due to evening classes. The final decision was to allocate a small fraction of the parking spaces along the fence onGrove Street to student parking after 4PM and leave the rest for faculty parking. The issues will be brought to the attention of Dean Hall. Officer Sandoval will bring it up with the CCSF Police Chief and CCSF Parking Committee.


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