City College of San Francisco Campus Emergency Evacuation Procedures

City College of San Francisco is committed to being prepared to respond in an organized manner in an event of an emergency. In that regard, we will be hosting an evacuation exercise/drill during week of April 9-13 2012.

City College of San Francisco

Campus Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion. During a drill, students shall take their personnal belongings.
  3. Evacuate the building by using the closest and safest exit route. Take the stairs, do not use the elevators.
  4. Instruct a student volunteer to guide the class out of the building and to the Designated Assembly Area.
  5. Instruct student volunteer(s) to escort individuals with disabilities who request assistance to the Area of Evacuation Assistance or nearest stairwell. They should immediately inform any building monitors or emergency officials where disability assistance is needed. (Monitors will be oufitted with colored vest)
  6. Faculty should be the last to leave the classroom. Make sure no one is left in the classroom, turn off lights, and close doors.
  7. Follow class to Designated Assembly Areas.  Report any injured people to building monitors or emergency officials. (Contact CCSF Police at 239-3200)
  8. The all clear sign to return to your classes/office shall be when the alarm has been reset/silenced (turned off) in your building. Once this occures you do not have to wait for any further instructions.

Note: During a real evacuation wait for further instructions from campus official. Return to the building only after building monitors or emergency officials give the all-clear signal. This may also be by external speaker system.

The recommended assembly area for the John Adams Campus is either in the faculty parking lot on Grove Street or the Student Parking Lot on Hayes Street.


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