Update from Dr. Pamila Fisher Concerning Accredition

To:  CCSF Community

From:  Dr. Pamila Fisher, Interim Chancellor

I want to provide you with an update of the progress we have made, the work that lays ahead, and why I am cautiously optimistic about the future.  It has been five months since I arrived at CCSF and three months since the ACCJC decision.

Together we have accomplished a great deal.  It is difficult to imagine any large institution rallying such attention, focus, and hard work as City College has done in these past weeks  especially given how quickly we needed to change course in the interest of creating a more effectively run institution.  This commitment has been evident at all levels of the College.
The Special Report we will submit to the ACCJC by the October 15 deadline covers a lot of ground and puts a clear focus on exactly what must be done by our next deadline of March 15:

The Board of Trustees requested that the State Chancellor appoint a Special Trustee and has had a thorough public discussion of this persons role.  The Special Trustee should    arrive within the next two weeks.
The Board adopted a balanced budget, but it counts on the passage of Proposition 30, (Gov. Browns sales and income tax initiative).
Our Accreditation Work Groups, with representation across the CCSF community and organized around each of the 14 recommendations raised by the ACCJC (with a fifteenth added to examine effective use of CCSF sites and centers), developed timely action plans and recommendations.
In several important cases, CCSF has already begun to implement recommended changes.  We have revised our Mission Statement.  We are taking steps to consolidate sites.  We are adding resources to the schools understaffed financial and research/planning functions to ensure more timely reporting and better use of data.
We have set the stage for other key decisions that now require either collective bargaining (concerning wages and benefits), additional analysis (in the case of further site consolidation), or more detailed planning (such as Student Learning Outcomes).

Throughout this process, we have sought to operate according to the principles of transparency, responsibility, and inclusion of a diversity of views, while respecting the imperative to make decisions quickly and clearly.

I would like to thank personally the more than 200 faculty, staff, students, administrators, and trustees who have worked tirelessly on one or more of the 15 Work Groups.  Besides putting in long hours, they contributed creativity and problem-solving skills that were critical to our progress and made recommendations that had the least negative impact on our students.

Last night, the Board of Trustees announced its selection of Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman as your new Interim Chancellor.  Dr. Scott-Skillman brings more than 42 years of Community College experience to the task and has for the past two months has been serving as CCSFs Vice Chancellor of Student Services. Her leadership and skills are exactly what City College needs to move through this next challenging phase and to position itself as a stronger, more accountable institution. She will provide both continuity and leadership.

Plans for Spring 2013 are well underway and working together, collegially, we can make CCSF stronger than ever.

Thank you.


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