Update from Dr. Pamila Fisher concerning Accreditation

To:  CCSF Community

From:  Dr. Pamila Fisher, Interim Chancellor

At the request of the Board of Governors (BOG) of California Community Colleges, Board President John Rizzo, Vice President Dr. Anita Grier, Interim Vice-Chancellor Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, and I attended a special meeting of the BOG last Thursday to update them on the College’s progress in addressing the accreditation recommendations and FCMAT findings.  We shared with the BOG our Executive Summary of the draft Special Report to the Accrediting Commission.  The Executive Summary outlines our progress to date and is available at: http://www.ccsf.edu/ACC/Footnotes/Special%20Report%20Executive%20Summary%20121005.pdf .

Contrary to what you may have read in the news, the meeting was positive and we reassured the BOG that all College constituencies are working extremely hard to make the necessary changes for City College’s survival.  We shared with them the tremendous progress the College is making on the accreditation recommendations, the actions that have already occurred, and the plans that will be implemented prior to March 15.  Academic Senate President Karen Saginor and AFT 2121 President Alisa Messer were in attendance and also spoke of the faculty’s commitment to meet the Accrediting Commission’s expectations.

At this same meeting, the BOG authorized the State Chancellor to make the decision and to appoint the Special Trustee to CCSF.  That appointment is expected within the next two weeks.  The Special Trustee will bring skills, knowledge and experience that will assist the Board of Trustees and Dr. Scott-Skillman as she assumes the position of Interim Chancellor.

Again, I want to emphasize how important it is that we remain steadfast in our work to make the changes needed to ensure City College’s long-term viability.  I am confident that working together we can and will make a stronger CCSF for generations of students to come!


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