Accreditation Update from the Chancellor

To:  CCSF Community

From: Dr. Pamila Fisher, Interim Chancellor
October 15 has been on the forefront of our minds and the publics eye for the last 3 months.  Today was the deadline for submitting our plans to address the 14 accreditation recommendations.  The Special Report was submitted on Friday, October 12 to the Accrediting Commission.  The document outlining our plans and progress to date is on the accreditation website at .

I would like to acknowledge Gohar Momjian, Grace Esteban, Linda Shaw, Kristin Charles, and Karen Saginor, who with our student workers, compiled the final report along with the 900+ pages of evidence (thank you also to Anita Yee for your duplicating services).  And, thank you again to all of the faculty, classified staff, students, administrators, trustees and constituent representatives across the College who contributed their creative thinking and hard work to ensure City Colleges survival by planning and making necessary changes.

What you may not realize is that there is still much work to do prior to our March 15 deadline to submit the Show Cause Report.  Show Cause means provide the proof that CCSF has met all the eligibility requirements for being an accredited institution.  During the next 3 months, the College will conduct a Self-Evaluation (previously called Self-Study) in which we revise and update our 2012 Self-Study to demonstrate that the College meets all of the Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation standards.  In addition, we must follow through on implementing our plans addressing the 14 recommendations.  This effort will be intense and comprehensive.

The Accreditation Show Cause Report also requires preparing a Closure Report.  Please know that the Closure Report is a form of insurance for students in the unlikely event the College closes.  The Closure Report outlines plans for students to complete their educational programs and have continued access to their records in the future.  This plan also will reference possible partnerships with a neighboring college that includes continued course offerings in our facilities.  However, we are doing everything on our part to ensure the college maintains its accreditation.  I am mentioning the Closure Report here only so that you do not become concerned when you hear that such a report is being developed.

As we approach the mid-point of our fall term, it is good to know that you all are continuing to focus on teaching and learning.


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