Discontinuation of the CCSF Job Stop website on 1/20/2013, Transition to AfterCollege

Dear CCSF Job Seekers, Business Employment Program Candidates and Employers,

Effective January 20, 2013, the CCSF Business Employment Program will post all jobs on the AfterCollege website maintained by the Career and Counseling Department. After January 20, 2013, we will be closing down the CCSF Job Stop (www.ccsfjobstop.com) indefinitely as we move towards posting all jobs on the AfterCollege website (http://career.ccsf.edu). This transition is unlikely to affect the job matching services we have provided to employers and students currently in our program.

If you are a current member of the CCSF Business Employment Program, we will continue to send your resume via job matches and the monthly delivery of your resume to employers after the transition. Although not required, we suggest you create an account on the AfterCollege website (http://career.ccsf.edu) and post your resume on the website in order to view the jobs posted by our program and many more from employers interested in hiring City College students and alumni. The AfterCollege website also allows employers to view your resume just as they would on the CCSF Job Stop website and contact you by e-mail if they are interested. Again, the website is maintained by the City College Career and Counseling Department and if you have any questions regarding the AfterCollege website, please contact them at (415) 239-3119.

If you are a CCSF student seeking to enroll in the Business Employment Program, please visit the Business Employment Program website (www.ccsf.edu/jobmatch) and follow the directions given on the website in order to enroll. You are encouraged to create an account and post your resume online to view the latest jobs our program and employers post on the website.

If you are an employer seeking to post jobs and/or receive resumes of potential candidates, we will send you resumes of candidates for a position if you go to our website and fill out a job/internship order form (www.ccsf.edu/jobmatch). If you like, we will also post the job or internship on the AfterCollege website on your behalf. For recipients of the monthly E-report (micro resumes), we will continue to send the E-report by the first week of the month through e-mail. Otherwise, employers can create a FREE AfterCollege account to post jobs and view resumes by contacting the Administrator at businessemploymentpro@gmail.com.

We hope transitioning to the AfterCollege website will open many more employment and internship opportunities to our students and help employers find suitable talent for their companies. We encourage all candidates and employers to create an account on the website in order to help them in the employment hunt.

If you have any questions regarding our program or the transition to AfterCollege, please feel free to contact us at: businessemploymentpro@gmail.com or call us during our hours of operation at (415) 561-1986.

CCSF Business Employment Program


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