CCSF Accrediatation Status

To:  CCSF Student Body

From:  Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, Interim Chancellor


I hope your learning experience at City College this spring is engaging, exciting, and moving you closer to your education or career goal.

I realize there are many rumors regarding the possible loss of accreditation and closure of City College.  We are undergoing tremendous scrutiny from the Accrediting Commission, the State Chancellors Office for California Community Colleges and the media. Yes, there are some administrative, governance, and fiscal deficiencies that must be corrected.  The administration, faculty, and staff are working diligently to correct these deficiencies to prevent closure of this wonderful and much needed institution.

Providing you with the highest quality, stable education and supportive learning environment is of primary importance for all City College employees.

– I want to ASSURE you that City College is an accredited institution.

– ALL of your credit courses (current and prior) are credible.

– EVERY accredited institution in the United States will accept your credit courses should you decide to transfer some day.

– What happens in the event of closure?  All students would be allowed to complete their current course of study.  All students who have completed 75% of their course of study will be allowed to complete the remaining 25% of study and obtain their degree or certificate under City College of San Francisco within a reasonable time period.  City College will have in place a plan to assist students with transfer needs.

– The Accrediting Commission will make a final decision on City Colleges accreditation status and will notify City College in early July 2013.  ALL students will be notified of that decision.

– City College is working diligently to ENSURE our doors continue to remain open BEYOND THIS SEMESTER AND WELL INTO THE FUTURE for you to complete your education/career goals AND provide educational opportunities for future generations of City College students.

– I ENCOURAGE you to plan for your future by REGISTERING for Summer and Fall classes at City College.

– Please SHARE this information with your fellow students and help STOP the rumors you may be hearing inside and outside the classrooms regarding the colleges accreditation status.

Thank you.

Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman
Interim Chancellor
City College of San Francisco
February 11, 2013


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