Accreditation Info Sessions

To: CCSF Community

From:  Gohar Momjian, CCSF Accreditation Liaison Officer

As you know, we are getting close to the March 15 deadline to submit our Show Cause Report to the Accrediting Commission.  In an effort to brief you on the content of the report, the action plans, and to listen to your feedback, the College will hold four 1-hour sessions to discuss the Draft Show Cause Report sections. Please see the schedule of sessions below.

The Draft Show Cause Report is online at .

**Monday, 2/25/13, 2-3pm, MUB140 — Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services
(presented by Joanne Low, Tom Boegel, Katryn Wiese, Ed Shenk)

**Monday, 2/25/13, 4-5pm, MUB140 — Standard III: Resources
(presented by Clara Starr, Jorge Bell, Tim Ryan, Peter Goldstein)

**Tuesday, 2/26/13, 11-12noon, MUB140 — Standard IV: Leadership and Governance
(presented by Thelma Scott-SKillman, Gohar Momjian)

**Thursday, 2/28/13, 9-10am, MUB140 — Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
(presented by Thelma Scott-Skillman, Gohar Momjian, Pam Mery)

For more accreditation information, please visit:

Thank you!


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