Deadline For Input – Tomorrow!!!

Greetings Students:

Accreditation:  Students Tell Your Story
Accreditation is about telling our story.  Administrators, faculty, staff and students alike are to let the accreditation commission know what their experiences are in regard to achieving their educational goals and accessing the vital services students need to be successful in an institution.  I am charged as your student trustee to inform you all of any opportunity to share your input in regard to the accreditation process.

We are coming down to the wire on submitting your input for the accreditation report.  I want to give you two opportunities to do so by the deadline, tomorrow, Thursday, February 21.

1.  Check out my updates on accreditation at or
2. Send me an email ( regarding of the following topics:
a. Questions about accreditation
b. Your personal story about any problems youve had navigating CCSF
c. A positive story about an experience youve had at CCSF
3. Attend an upcoming meeting on accreditation and give your view point on your personal experiences at CCSF (
4. Fill out a survey specifically geared toward giving the accreditation commission feedback from our students.  The responses will be provided to the Accrediting Commission Visiting Team, the group that will determine whether CCSF will retain their accreditation.  Those links are here:

February 28 Regular Board Meeting
The next regular meeting of the Board is at 6pm on Thursday, February 28 at the Ocean Campus Multi-Use Building .  It will also be an opportunity to hear a report regarding the Accreditation Show Cause and Closure Reports.  Accreditation Liaison Officer Gohar Momjian will give a progress report on where the college is on tasks related to retaining our accreditation.  More details are at or

Reach out to your Student Trustee
Be sure to contact me if you have any questions about anything.  My contact information is posted here:  I also keep a blog at  Bookmark that site.  I promise to keep my emails to students to a minimum if you also promise to check out my many posts dedicated to keeping all students informed of the on goings of the student trustee and the governance functions here at CCSF.

Study hard,

William Walker, Student Trustee


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