FREE Online-Work Training Program

SamaUSA is a free online-work training program for community college students. Students will learn skills that are in-demand for the online work market and how to create profiles on the largest online job sites. The goal of SamaUSA is to help students earn extra income, gain skills and work experience so that they can support themselves and their families while in college.

Training is located at the Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane St. San Francisco

Important Dates:
Training begins in March 2013. Classes will be held 3 days per week.

Application process:
1)    Contact us to get more information and pick up an application
3)    Fill out a SamaUSA application. You can either drop it off with us, or bring it to your interview
4)    SamaUSA staff will call you to schedule an in-person interview
5)    After the interview, SamaUSA staff will contact you about acceptance decisions, class dates and times, and waitlist information

Supports available:

Transportation support

Open lab hours for additional support

Free laptop upon successful graduation

Alumni events and follow-up support from SamaUSA staff

To apply, you must be:

1)    Enrolled in community college
2)    Between ages 18-30
3)    Be unemployed or low-income
4)    Willing and able to make a 10-weekcommitment to training
5)    Interested in online work
6)    Motivated and dedicated to completing thetraining
7)    Have basic computer skills

What is online work?

Online work platforms are global marketplaces in which independent contractors and their clients can contact one another. An online worker is also called a “contractor” or a “freelancer.” Freelancers post a profile to online sites and apply to open positions by submitting cover letters. When you complete a job and do it well, you build experience and it becomes easier to find a job that pays more. Thousands of jobs are posted everyday, and the market is growing 100% every year. Online work has great benefits including:

·      You can be your own boss
·      You can make your own hours
·      Work from anywhere with an internet connection
·      No commute!

Online work platforms include oDesk, Elance,and Freelancer.

What kinds of jobs can you get online?

An online job is different from a full-time,“in-house” job with a single company. When you’re in-house, you work for the company. As an independent contractor, you will work for many clients, but ultimately you have one boss—yourself. Online jobs include everything from customer support and graphic design to blogging and writing, to virtual assistance. SamaUSA will focus on customer support and virtual assistance, two types of jobs that are growing at a fast rate. Jobs can range between very short term- 1 hour long and more long term, and can be months long.

About SamaUSA

SamaUSA is a program operated under Samasource ,a non-profit organization started in 2008.


SamaUSA Program Manager, Chris Jackson:
Phone: 415-707-9651


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