REVISED: Information Sessions: Accreditation Show Cause Report

From Tuesday, 2/26/13, 11-12noon, MUB140 HAS BEEN MOVED to  Thursday, February 28, 2013, 10:00-11:00 am, Science 204 –Standard IV: Leadership and Governance (presented by Gohar Momjian, Karen Saginor)

The remaining info sessions are as follows, as planned:

**Monday, 2/25/13, 2-3pm, MUB140 — Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services (presented by Joanne Low, Tom Boegel, Katryn Wiese, Ed Shenk)

**Monday, 2/25/13, 4-5pm, MUB140 — Standard III: Resources  (presented by Clara Starr, Jorge Bell, Tim Ryan, Peter Goldstein)

**Thursday, 2/28/13, 9-10am, MUB140 — Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness (presented by Gohar Momjian, Pam Mery)

For more accreditation information, please visit:

Thank you!


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