3/4 Workshop in Oakland: Essential Documents for Every Nonprofit Jobseeker (Resumes, Cover Letters & More)

Are you looking for a new nonprofit job? Are you trying to transfer your skills from another sector, or seeking to advance your existing nonprofit career? Check out almost any nonprofit job description and you will find reference to the need for good writing skills. Your first opportunity to demonstrate those skills is with the two most essential documents of your job search: an intriguing cover letter and a winning resume.

Prepare for the upcoming 3/20 JVS Panel with Mark Guterman and join Dalya for a 3/4 workshop on Essential Documents for Every Nonprofit Jobseeker: http://writingtomakeadifference.com/archives/2143

WHEN: Monday, March 4 @ 7:10pm
WHERE: EBCRS, 4130 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609 (at the corner of 41st and Telegraph, 1 block from the MacArthur BART station)


Leslie Rivera, M.A.
Executive Assistant
Writing for Community Success
~Helping you use your writing to make a difference~

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