Defend City College of San Francisco, our Community College!

Mass Rally at S.F. Civic Center March 14, 4 PM
CCSF is a great school but forces of privatization want to change its mission. This fight is not about a dysfunctional school; it is about an austerity-driven plan to destroy public education and replace it with for-profit schools.
CCSF is the largest community college in the country, with a proud record of successfully helping students complete their GEDs, preparing students to transfer to 4-year colleges, and graduating students in the fields of food preparation, nursing, radiology, fire fighting, and many more.  Many thousands of immigrants learn English, older adults benefit from the courses designed for them, unemployed workers learn new skills – the list goes on.
But all of this is threatened. The ACCJC a private organization that gets public money and private funds from pro-privatization sources determines which schools are accredited.  It’s using its power to blackmail CCSF to accept extreme cuts in order to exist. CCSF is not alone!  Sanctions have been imposed on many colleges across California.  This is part of a process of privatizing community colleges.
Already, student programs and services have been cut, classified staff and teachers laid off, computer labs closed, and faculty and staff wages cut. The College’s governing board agreed to a $1000/day Special Trustee with veto power over the elected board, whose job is to ensure that the austerity changes are pushed through.  Interim chancellor, Dr. Scott-Skillman has announced that Proposition A funds, which were earmarked to “offset budget cuts, prevent layoffs, provide affordable quality education…” will not be used for educational purposes in direct opposition to the wishes of 73% of S.F. voters who passed the measure.
This is intolerable! Inspired by the Chicago teachers’ strike, the Quebec students who won the repeal of tuition hikes, and Seattle parents and teachers saying NO to mind robbing standardized tests, a movement to defend CCSF and defend high quality, community wide, accessible to all public education is growing.  San Franciscans want and need CCSF as a beacon of higher education for immigrants, women, people of color, queers, seniors, the unemployed, and working people.

Join the Coalition to Save CCSF. Our Points of Unity Are:
1  Save CCSF as an affordable, accessible and democratic community college.
2  Reverse cuts to classes, programs and compensation. Use Prop A funds as promised.
3 Fully fund CCSF and all public education by increasing taxes on the rich and corporations.  Stop privatization.
4  Stop the misuse of accreditation to impose austerity.  Make accreditation process transparent and democratic.
5  Keep CCSF diverse.  Stop re-segregation.  Support Student Equity.
6  Stop union busting.  Rescind staff and faculty layoffs.
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