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On hiring in these sectors:
– According to the 2013 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey, prepared by the Improve Group and Nonprofit HR Solutions, 44% of nonprofits indicated that they plan to create new positions in 2013, particularly in the direct services, program management and support, and fundraising roles. Organizations in the health, environmental/animals, education, religion, public and human 
services sectors demonstrated the largest intent of hiring for new jobs this year.
– The sequester will be impacting federal agencies differently, depending on their size and budget. Check with each agency to determine how its hiring is being impacted.
– In local government, cities are running with a lean staff; however they are still planning for the future by building a pipeline to city government through internship opportunities. In the City of San Jose, if the economy continues to improve and consumer spending continues to strengthen, it is plausible that they may end the year under budget, leaving opportunities to dedicate these additional funds to community resources.
Resources for finding jobs/internships: currently has 34 unique local government internship postings in positions ranging from city management, to human resources, to parks and recreation as well as engineering. currently has 20 GS05-GS09 (entry level bachelors/masters) positions posted in the Bay Area, ranging from Santa Cruz to Vallejo. Two of these positions are Pathways internships. currently has over 317 FT positions and 115 internships posted within a 40-mile radius of San Jose.
– Additional resources include and Guidestar, which is the equivalent of Rich’s Guide for Nonprofits. Guidestar can be accessed for free through the MLK Library.
– Our upcoming April Job & Internship Fair and SpartaJobs are also great resources for finding a wide variety of positions, including government and nonprofit. Currently there are 7 government organizations and 2 nonprofit organizations registered, with new employers registering daily.
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