Info Sessions on Obamacare

A message from Dean Terry Hall:

Dear JAD Community,

JAD Library will host a presentation about the new Affordable Care Act – also called “Obama Care.”  ßsee attachedment

Come to one of our sessions:   Monday, October 28  11am-12:15pm  or  Wednesday, October 30  9am-10:30am in JAD’s Auditorium, and learn about the new law and health care insurance options.  If you do not have health insurance and are low income, the federal government will pay for part or all of your insurance cost.

Come and find out what Obama Care is all about.

Dean Hall

Dean Hall, Alice Choi and I have scheduled two information sessions (see attachment) on the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) in the John Adams Center Auditorium for Monday, October 28 11am-12:15pm AND Wednesday, October 30 9-10:30am. The sessions will be led by a Certified Enrollment Counselor approved by Covered California to answer questions about eligibility, coverage and enrollment for individuals and families. We anticipate these sessions will resolve many questions our students and college community have about health care reform.

Thank you,

Alan D’Souza
City College of San Francisco


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