Message fromm Dean Terry Hall: Urgent notice regarding 5 Fulton project

Dear JAD Community,

I just received this notice and forwarding for your information.

Dean Terry Hall


From: Vince Pietromartire []
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 11:59 AM
To: Vince Pietromartire
Subject: Urgent notice regarding 5 Fulton project – action needed today / Tuesday


I apologize for the last minute notice

The MTA is holding a final meeting regarding changes to the 5 Fulton line this coming Tuesday, Oct 15at 1 PM at City Hall, room 400. This is the last chance you have to voice your opinion on the changes they are proposing to the 5 Fulton service improvements.

The plan originally included a proposal to remove parking along the eastern side of Central Street between Fulton and McAllister between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM seven days a week. The neighborhood got together and got the MTA to consider and alternate plan. See attached flyer and option #2

This will move the bus stop to Central and Lyon and not eliminate as much parking.

The plan to remove the parking along Central to improve bus service was flawed as it did not take into consideration the fact that the cars parked along Central are not responsible for the delays.  It is the large delivery trucks that block the street completely in their attempt to switchback into the Lucky delivery berths that are the cause of the 5 Fulton delays, as well as the number of smaller trucks that double park on Central. Many residents who live in the immediate area have been documenting these issues for some time

If you can’t attend the meeting we strongly urge you to call or write the two MTA project leads and the two supervisors to voice your opinion and urge them to consider option #2. We ask you do this today or tonight please.

With the potential 167 lost parking spaces a block away on Masonic, we can’t afford to loose yet another 12 parking spaces on Central, only one block away.

The real issue is that the loss of these spaces on Central would not guarantee that the service on 5 Fulton would see any benefit. The MTA always first chooses the plan that will eliminate parking.


Please address your emails to the two MTA staff members that are heading the 5 TEP project

Sean Kennedy

Dustin White

And please CC the two supervisors and their aides

District 5

London Breed

(415) 554-7630

Her two aides

Conor Johnston

 Vallie Brown.


District 1

Eric Mar

(415) 554-7410


Peter Lauterborn

Vince Pietromartire

Masonic Corridor Neighborhood Association (MCNA)


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