Excel III – Stephanie C. Rosenberg

COMP 9909 – Microsoft Excel for Business III

Course description:

  • Use passwords to protect/unprotect worksheets

  • Use the macro recorder to create a macro

  • Execute a macro and view/print codes

  • Understand Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code and explain event-driven programs

  • Add controls, such as command buttons, scroll bars, check boxes and spin buttons to a worksheet and assign properties to controls

  • Use VBA to write procedures

  • Use formula auditing

  • Use Excel’s solver to solve complex a problem

  • Use Excel’s Scenario Manager to record and save different set of what-if assumptions

  • Create Scenario Summaries and PivotTables

  • Import data from text files, Access databases, Word documents

  • Track changes and accept/reject tracked changes

  • Analyze worksheets data using PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Analyze worksheet data using a trendline


45 Hours, Noncredit


ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

City College of San Francisco, CCSF John Adams Campus

Tuition free computer classes in San Francisco


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