Intro to Windows / MS Office / Windows Essentials / Internet & E-mail

Intro to MS Office Applications for Business

COMP 9889 – Introduction to Microsoft Office for Business

A comprehensive introduction to the Microsoft Office applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, preceded by a brief overview of basic computer and Windows concepts. Students learn how to create, edit, save, and print documents and to improve computer skills for work or personal use.

      • Learn the basics of working in Windows
      • Edit and proofread documents
      • Produce, edit, and print documents using Word
      • Navigate the desktop and Start menu
      • Create, edit, and print documents using Excel
      • Save work to data storage devices
      • Create give a presentation using PowerPoint
      • Work with images (clip art, photos)
      • Use Access to create forms and reports
      • Work with printing options
      • Manage data files and folders
      • Internet basics (if time permits)

Intro to Windows for MS Office

COMP 9905 – Learn the operating system and how to manage your files!

Software programs change frequently as vendors like Microsoft enhance their products by adding new features or introducing new programs with more capabilities. This course explains the basic features and enhancements of Windows XP operating system and provides instructor led hands-on practice.

Upon completion of this course students will have knowledge of computer concepts, be able to use Windows XP and file management. In addition, they will know the basics of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, the Internet, and how these products integrate with each other.

Windows Essentials for MS Office

COMP 9245: Windows Essentials for MS Office

30 hrs
Advise: ESLN 5/6
An introductory course on computer concepts and techniques for the novice computer user. Students will build knowledge to better understand the function and use of the Windows operating system as it applies to managing one’s computer system, data, resources, and software applications. Students will learn Internet and E-mail basics, and will get a brief overview of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications.

Windows Folder & File Concepts

Comp 9947 Windows Folder & File Concepts
15 hrs
ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6 or above
Fundamentals of efficient management of electronic files/folders in a business office. Students learn the concepts of creating, viewing and navigating through levels of folders for file storage on the hard drive and flash drives.

Internet & E-mail

COMP 9952 Internet and E-mail for the Business Office
15 hrs
Advise:COMP 9942, 9905, 9947 or equivalent, ESL Level 6+
Introductory overview course to provide familiarity of the Internet using a browser. Designed for the office professional or other serious computer user. Topics covered include an introduction to the Internet network, browser features, navigating the Web, and identifying useful sites for office professionals.

Intro to the Internet for Office

COMP 9921 Intro to the Internet for Office Support
45 hrs
ADVISE: Windows OS Basics, ESL level 6 or above
Hands-on and project-oriented instruction in the use of the Internet via a browser is provided for the office/business professional or other serious personal computer user. Topics covered include services and tools available on the Internet and World Wide Web, browser features, navigating through the Web, e-mailing, and identifying useful sites for office/business professionals.

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