Keyboarding / Document Format & Production

BOSS 5501 Keyboarding: Skill Development

90 hrs
Keyboarding skill development on computer keyboard with associated software, emphasizing proper technique. Keyboarding drills target individual student deficiencies. The student will develop touch control of the keyboard and proper typing techniques to build basic speed.

You can become the fastest typist in the west!!!

Open enrollment for Keyboarding (all levels), Document Format & Production and Open Lab every Monday and Wednesday.   If you are a beginner or an intermediate typist, this class will help to improve your keyboarding skills.

Business Instructor with one of her Students

Thinking about applying for a job with the City and County of San Francisco? This class is for YOU!

The Document Format & Production part of the class simulates actual work that you would do in a busy office, perhaps one of the high rise office buildings in San Francisco.

Planning to start your own business? Document Production will teach you how to prepare letters, reports, resumes, spreadsheets and much more.

Open Enrollment:  Stop by Room 201 to Enroll

Keyboarding for Computers, – Room 201

Shirley Orille and Students


Click on this link to view the class offerings for these classes and more this semester

City College of San Francisco, CCSF John Adams Campus

Tuition free computer classes in San Francisco


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