Word & Documents

Word I

WOPR 9486; Microsoft Word for Business I

45 hrs (noncredit) PREREQ.: COMP 9905

ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Currently using WORD 2010

Using MS Word tools, students will become skilled  creating, formatting, editing, and saving Business documents. The course will also cover topics such as themes, tables, graphics, document, management, documents, and printing.

Word II

WOPR 9995 – Word for Business II

Learn more about Word Processing. Take it to the second level!

Students will learn techniques for formatting complex multi-page business documents. Entering and revising header and footer text and page numbering systems. Personalized form letters and setting up complex tabulations included.

Understanding File Management

Working with Large Documents

Mail Merge

Table of Contents


Working with an Index

Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Keyboard Shortcuts

Formatting Documents

Hyperlinks Creating and Formatting Tables

Working with Sections

Working with Basic Shapes

Grouping and Ungrouping

Word III


Create a newsletter

Review a document

Insert WordArt

Track changes

Insert Symbols

Enter comments

Floating v. inline objects

Create a reference document

Format, adjust, rotate graphics

Create a cross reference and index entry

Format as DropCap

Working with building blocks

Section & column breaks

Use the Document Map

Insert a Text Box

Window split command

SmartArt Graphics

Create a table of contents


45 hours, Noncredit PREREQ.: COMP 9905

RECOMMEND: WOPR 9486 Word I & WOPR 9996 Word II ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Word Processing – Special Projects


Create a Web Page from a Word document

Save a document as a template

Format text as a hyperlink

Create an online form

Apply pattern fill effect

Use the Developer tab

Link Excel worksheet and chart to a Word document

Draw and format shapes

Saving a document as a lower version of Word

Create a blog post


45 hours, Noncredit PREREQ.: COMP 9905

RECOMMEND: WOPR 9486 Word I & WOPR 9996 Word II ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Click on this link to view the class offerings for these classes and more this semester

Tuition free computer and Business skill classes in San Francisco.

City College of San Francisco, CCSF John Adams Campus


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