John Adams Campus Library

Resources at the John Adams Campus Library

Collections support all areas of study at the John Adams Campus, with particular emphasis on medicine and allied health sciences; business and computer sciences; English as a Second Language (ESL); child development; careers and jobs; GED preparation; literature; and basic education in all subject areas. Services include:

* New materials
* Student computers with Microsoft Office 2007
* Printing and self-service copy machine
* Reserve text books
* Periodicals with unique nursing and and health care technology titles
* Group study room
* Wi-Fi Network
* Media stations
* Inter-Campus loan services for books

You can access our library collection by clicking here.

Contact Information:
1860 Hayes Street, Room 204
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 561-1946 (circulation desk)
(415) 561-1993 (reference desk)

Library Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 6:45pm
Friday: 9am – 12:45pm
*Please Note: The library is closed on days when classes are not in session.


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