Business English and Communications

Business English I

Business English II

Comprehensive coverage of written communication skills: business grammar, punctuation, business vocabulary, capitalization, composition of business correspondence, spelling, proofreading, and use of office reference materials.

Welcome Students to Business English for Careers.

Do you want to learn to improve your English and Communication skills?  Most of us do.  And you have probably heard the old saying, “The early bird catches the worm.”  Well, I would have said the “The prepared bird catches the worm.”  Being prepared in the workplace by speaking and writing English correctly arms you with the necessary skills it will take to succeed in your career.  Business English for Careers will teach you specifically word usage and spelling, grammar and structure, punctuation, writing, and focus on standard business English writing in the workplace.  This class is filled with drills and routines to assist you in recognizing the errors in your everyday writing.  Yes, it is repetitive, but with repetition comes recall to apply up-to-date English rules (and know the exceptions).

You say, “It’s been a while since I’ve been back to review my English or Communication skills.”  Well, don’t fear this class will reacquaint you slowly with the principles and skills necessary to update you with our constantly changing living language.  In class the student participates and the teacher reviews English principles in a non-intimidating setting.  We treat each student against his /her own abilities, and not the other students. With a certain degree of humor, the class becomes challenging and fun filled  as we work through the essentials of learning or relearning the rules of using English effectively in speech and in writing.

Business Communications

Business Communication BOSS 4510 45 hrs Noncredit ADVISE: BOSS 4500 or equivalent, ESL Level 6+ A lecture-lab course to develop basic writing skills for the business world. Topics in this course include developing meaningful paragraphs, writing opening and closing sentences in letters, and writing good-news letters and bad-news letters.

Course description:

Our focus is on the skills and strategies it takes to communicate effectively in a business environment, an essential part of career development and advancement. We will explore the many aspects of communication in the business and work world through lecture, in-class and take-home assignments, and the writing lab.

We will spend significant time on written communication in the workplace and improving editing and proofreading skills. Added attention will also be given to verbal fluency: communicating effectively with coworkers, bosses and subordinates, appropriate versus inappropriate workplace language, and workplace vocabulary enhancement. Class discussion will provide the opportunity to share and explore a wide range of business communication topics.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course students will gain proficiency, through practice, in written and verbal communication in the workplace; this includes expanding business vocabulary, writing effective business letters, and other business communication topics as time permits. Written assignments (such as good-news and bad-news letters, persuasive letters, letters to clients, memos, emails, job/task instructions, thank you letters, and completion of specific forms) will reinforce and add to fluency in effective and professional communication on the job and in life.

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