Excel I & II


Create cell names and range names

Use cell names in formulas

Apply PMT, FV, IF,VLOOKUP functions

Create a Data Table

Apply custom borders and shading

Hide and unhide columns, rows, worksheets, and workbooks

Create an Excel table

Apply a table format

Sort data

Filter data

Subtotal data


Create a multiple-sheet workbook

Create an Excel Template

Create formulas that refer to cells in another worksheet


45 hours, Noncredit PREREQ.: COMP 9905

RECOMMEND: COMP 9900 Excel I ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Excel III with Stephanie C. Rosenberg

COMP 9909 – Microsoft Excel for Business III

Course description:

Use passwords to protect/unprotect worksheets

Use the macro recorder to create a macro

Execute a macro and view/print codes

Understand Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code and explain event-driven programs

Add controls, such as command buttons, scroll bars, check boxes and spin buttons to a worksheet and assign properties to controls

Use VBA to write procedures

Use formula auditing

Use Excel’s solver to solve complex a problem

Use Excel’s Scenario Manager to record and save different set of what-if assumptions

Create Scenario Summaries and PivotTables

Import data from text files, Access databases, Word documents

Track changes and accept/reject tracked changes

Analyze worksheets data using PivotTables and PivotCharts

Analyze worksheet data using a trendline


45 Hours, Noncredit


ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Excel for Accounting Principles

COMP 9932 – Excel for Accounting Principles

Course Description:

Double-Entry Accounting (Ledger Cards)

Trial Balance Work

Merchandising Operations and the Accounting Cycle

Accounting Information Systems

Internal Control and Managing Cash

Accounts and Notes Receivable

Accounting for Merchandise Inventory

Plant Assets, Intangibles Assets and Related Expenses

Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting

Accounting for Partnerships

Corporate Organization, Paid-In Capital, & Balance Sheet

Retained Earnings, Treasury Stock, and Income Statement

Long-Term Liabilities

Accounting for Investments

Statement of Cash Flows

45 hours, Noncredit

PREREQ.:  Spreadsheets Knowledge

ADVISE: ESL Level 5/6

Click on this link to view the class offerings for these classes and more this semester

Tuition Free computer and Business skill classes in San Francisco

City College of San Francisco, CCSF John Adams Campus


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